There are a number of highly abused drugs in states all across the country like Virginia including MDMA, Heroin, Marijuana, Cocaine, and many others. These drugs are trafficked and distributed all throughout the state, perhaps more prevalently than one would realize. Because Virginia is a common destination location for vacations, the use of club drugs like MDMA has become more prevalent, and drug abuse is more prevalent than ever which makes drug treatment options and alternatives absolutely vital.

There are a variety of different drug rehab and alcohol rehab centers in Virginia, each presenting a different approach to the drug and alcohol treatment concept. Holistic treatment centers have become more popular as an alternative for addiction recovery in Virginia, and these treatment and rehab facilities usually offer more than simple withdrawal detoxification, but also a total cleansing of the mind and body.

When it comes to addiction recovery, either for alcoholism or for drug abuse in Virginia, interventions are undertaken so that the addict can be convinced that he or she is both a danger to his or her own self and to others in his or her life. Drug and alcohol abuse treatment programs and rehab facilities then have the task of offering assistance in undertaking and planning the intervention. Once an addict has been convinced that he or she needs to pursue help, there are a variety of different options that are available to them.

Depending on what type of drug or alcohol has been abused, and how long the abuse has gone on for, treatment programs and facilities can be chosen to meet the individual needs of the abuser. The treatment center may conduct an assessment that will allow them to determine what type of detoxification or addiction recovery treatment is a perfect match. Some addicted persons may be able to use rapid detoxification to free their body of all of the drug residues and toxins that are remaining within their body quickly, in a matter of hours rather than days. This type of drug rehab is ideal for drugs that have bad withdrawal symptoms.

Just like with many other states, there are a number of rehabilitation facilities in Virginia that offer residential treatment programs. These residential detoxification programs allow the recovering drug or alcohol abuser to live in the treatment facility for as many as eight months in some cases. During the period of time spent in a residential rehabilitation facility, the former drug abuser is able to learn how to recover better, lowering their chances of having a relapse sometime in the future.

There are also outpatient addiction recovery treatment programs available in Virginia, and studies have shown than more than ninety percent of all drug and alcohol abusers use outpatient addiction recovery treatment. Outpatient detoxifications offer a number of benefits; they simply do not offer the same live in situation. Outpatient addiction recovery also does not offer twenty four hour access to medical care in the same way that a live-in or in patient therapy would.