A List of Places where you can find Qualified Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab in New Jersey

June 3, 2008

Though the following list is not an exhaustive list, because you can find drug and alcohol rehab in New Jersey in most of its cities, towns and villages, it is a good enough list to give you an idea of the various options for rehab you have in the state. Read more

Handling Alcohol Rehab Programs for Juvenile Alcoholism Treatment in Montana

May 28, 2008

Montana is no different from other states of America, in that it has a burgeoning juvenile alcoholism problem of its own too. The number of adolescents getting addicted to alcohol is alarmingly on the rise and certainly spells huge problems for the state. Read more

Understanding Alcohol Rehab and Alcohol Detox Program in South Carolina

May 23, 2008

Alcohol rehab and alcohol detox are the two main ways in which alcohol addiction treatment in South Carolina are performed. Read more

How long does one have to spend in an Alcohol Rehab or Drug Rehab in Idaho?

May 22, 2008

The length of time that one spends in an alcohol rehab or drug rehab in Idaho depends on several factors. Read more

How to find a Suitable Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Ohio?

May 21, 2008

Ohio has a lot of options for alcohol and drug rehab but because of the various features and facilities that each of these centers provide, deciding among them becomes quite a problem. Read more

How does Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Delaware help you come out of Withdrawal?

May 20, 2008

Most of the rehab program does not depend on how effective the treatment itself will be and how well the body will be cleansed of the toxic accumulations of the addiction, but it will depend on how intense the withdrawal symptoms will be. Read more

Going to a Rehab Center Seems Like an Obvious Choice

April 9, 2008

It seems obvious to many people around an addict that the individual needs the help of a drug rehab program. They have trouble understanding why the addict doesn’t just make the decision, go to a treatment center, and change their lifestyle.

Read more

Why Relationships are a Bad Idea in Addiction Treatment Programs

April 5, 2008

One of the rules in drug and alcohol rehab centers that patients sometimes have a problem with is that they aren’t allowed to have sexual or intimate relationships. The specifics vary between facilities, but most of them strongly discourage this behavior and have consequences in place for it.

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Drug Rehab Programs

March 15, 2008


Not all drug rehab programs are alike, and if you are seeking assistance in fighting a drug addiction, it is important to choose a facility that will be right for you. Whether you prefer to kick your habit in the lap of luxury or you need extra medical attention in fighting drug abuse, there are numerous different kinds of drug rehab programs that are now available. It is a good idea to visit at least a few before you make your decision or to try a few on an outpatient basis to make sure that you will be getting the kind of treatment you need. Read more

Average Cost of Addiction Treatment

March 12, 2008


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services administration has released a report that shows how much addiction treatment programs typically cost. The average price of treatment for alcoholism and drug abuse in an outpatient treatment facility was $1433 in 2002. The average cost of residential addiction treatment that same year was $3840 per person. SAMHSA also reported that methadone outpatient treatment cost an average of $7415. These numbers break down to $26.72 for each visit in typical outpatient addiction treatment, and $17.78 for the typical visit to a methadone clinic.

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