I Didn’t Sign Up for This


In the beginning cocaine abuse seems so trivial, just a small amount and the party goes a little longer, the lights are a little brighter, and in general everything gives off a little nicer glow. But cocaine, like every other drug, isn’t honest with you. It’s needs and demands on you grow and grow and grow. Until eventually you realize that this isn’t what you want, isn’t what you signed up for.

Now that you can see that cocaine’s offer wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, I have a new offer for you. Addiction recovery and cocaine abuse treatment. What is even better about my offer is that it is hones. It won’t be fun in the beginning it certainly wont be easy. It can be rewarding though. In fact the whole reason recovery is better than cocaine is that as your relationship with cocaine grew, it took more and more cocaine to get less and less from that cocaine. Until, very likely, there was no amount that would do as much for you as the first few little bits did. Now cocaine has become a focal point as you attempt to get more and more in order to chase that initial glow.

Recovery on the other hand doesn’t have initial glow, it has initial hard work. In the beginning their will be very little initial reward. But as time continues on the work of cocaine recovery becomes easier and easier and the rewards get bigger and bigger. So with us there by your side to assist you in the difficult stage we are offering you something that is infinitely more rewarding than cocaine abuse. By completing an initially difficult stage of withdrawal you will receive more and more in return from addiction recovery meanwhile you will be required to do less and less and what you are required to do will become easier.