Physical and Mental Approaches to Drug Rehab

April 4, 2008


Drug rehab programs are rather particular – no one drug rehab program will work the same way for two people. It requires a mix of physical treatment (ie withdrawal, detox and so forth) and psychological treament, which is cognitive-behavioral therapy most likely.

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Experiencing Lapses and Relapses After Addiction Rehab

April 1, 2008

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment programs are only the first step in a process of addiction recovery. Being successful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires continuing to work toward that goal over a long period of time.

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Drug Addiction Resources

March 27, 2008

Drug addiction should be looked at as your opponent. That word, opponent, will help you keep drug addiction in perspective. As your opponent it has always been against you.

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Drug Rehabilitation is a Test of Strength

March 24, 2008


For some reason many people think that rehab is an easy process to go through.  The only thing worse than a drug addict thinking that drug rehabilitation programs are easy, is the fact that certain drug rehab treatment facilities promote that their programs will be easy for drug abusers to go through and that afterwards they can guarantee the addict that he or she will leave and continue to stay sober.  Read more

Drug Addiction is a Difficult Opponent

March 22, 2008


Drug addiction is a difficult opponent. That is the right word, opponent. It has been working against you from the beginning. Before it ever showed enough of itself for you to fight against it, it probably did you plenty of harm. Chances are your decision to fight your drug addiction is a recent one. As you discover how difficult that fight will be, do not feel you have to do it alone. We are here to provide you the best substance abuse recovery facility. Read more

Availability of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

March 21, 2008


People who have a dual diagnosis must deal with both an addiction problem and a mental illness. They have special needs when it comes to seeking to treatment because both of these conditions must be addressed. Not all rehab facilities are equipped to provide the best care for dual diagnosis patients. Individuals who have a mental illness should look for these specific programs when choosing a treatment facility, as it can make a big difference in the chances for a successful addiction recovery. Read more

Myths of Addiction Recovery

March 20, 2008


For something that so few have experience with, addiction recovery sure has it’s share of myths. Everyone knows that drug use is bad. Too often the public associates the problems of most addicts with drug abuse. More often it is the addictive nature of their personalities that causes the problems. Dangerous things can happen the first time. Usually though, it is the addiction over time that actually causes damage to the drug abuser. Read more

I Didn’t Sign Up for This

March 13, 2008


In the beginning cocaine abuse seems so trivial, just a small amount and the party goes a little longer, the lights are a little brighter, and in general everything gives off a little nicer glow. But cocaine, like every other drug, isn’t honest with you. It’s needs and demands on you grow and grow and grow. Until eventually you realize that this isn’t what you want, isn’t what you signed up for. Read more