Understanding The Popular Day Treatment Program For Alcohol Addiction In Ohio

The day treatment program is one of the most popular treatment programs for alcohol addiction in Ohio. This program is popular mainly because it allows people to stay in their own homes and come for therapy a few hours each day. Here lies the main benefit of the program. Because the people attend only for a few hours each day, they are able to participate in their other daily activities such as attending a job or their school or college. The day treatment program in Ohio treats mild to moderate forms of alcohol addiction but in the process, the patient does not need to give up on his or her other obligations. This is one of the prime reasons why the program is famous.

If you think about it, the day addiction treatment program in Ohio is just an extended form of the outpatient treatment program. When a person is into an outpatient treatment program, he or she attends the treatment center for nine to ten hours a week, distributed between three to four days of the week. However, with the day treatment program, the patient will have to attend almost everyday of the week. Some treatment centers will allow the patients to take their weekends off, but most of them will utilize the weekends too.

The main focus here is on counseling and maintenance treatment. An outpatient form of detox can also be conducted in a day treatment center if the treatment providers are confident that the patient will adhere to abstain from the substance.