Some Information On The Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program For Drug Addiction In North Carolina

The dual diagnosis treatment program in North Carolina has become quite popular for people who are suffering from two or more coexisting problems. In recent times, this program has become very widely used for people who are suffering from a drug addiction and a mental illness. Mental illnesses and addictions go hand in hand. Depression is one such instance. A person suffering from bouts of depression may take an amphetamine drug in order to reduce the effects of the condition.

However, by consuming the substance once, there is a potential that a habit will be formed due to the highly addictive nature of amphetamines. At the same time, as the person consumes more and more amphetamine, the mental condition deteriorates and hence the person might go further into the depression. This becomes a vicious cycle that the person finds very difficult to break out of.

The dual diagnosis approach for addiction treatment in North Carolina is an attempt to break this cycle. When a person is diagnosed with such dual conditions, one of the first things that are done is to put the person through detox. This phase of the treatment would be difficult for the patient mainly because of the mental condition that would make the detox treatment more complicated. Under proper supervision and with the right kind of medication, the withdrawal is overcome.

However, now the mental problem still persists and that can cause further urges in the person for the substance. Maintenance medication is provided to keep the person out of these urges, but along with that the person is made to enter a psychiatric care program that addresses these mental issues.

In this manner a dual treatment approach is implemented in the rehabilitation program in North Carolina. It is quite useful for people who do not know what they must do to get effective treatment for their binary problems that include drug addiction as one of them.

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