Why do Spiritual Programs work for Drug Abuse and Alcohol Abuse in Nevada?

July 12, 2008

In recent times, there has been a lot of prevalence of spiritual based and faith based programs for addiction treatment in Nevada. Read more

What are Families coached on by the Alcohol Abuse and Drug Abuse Treatment Program in Arkansas?

July 3, 2008

The family is a very important agency in drug and alcohol abuse treatment in Arkansas. If used properly, they can go a long way in bringing the patient out of the addiction. Read more

Parental Counseling to Curb Teen Alcohol Abuse and Drug Abuse in California

June 18, 2008

The addiction treatment program in California has included parental counseling as an effective means to bring down the instances of drug and alcohol abuse in teenagers. Read more

Prescription Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction in Montana

June 6, 2008

If you check out the information on the various substance abuse resources in Montana, you will find that prescription drug abuse has become a large problem in the state. Read more

Substance Abuse Resources in Oklahoma for tackling Drug and Alcohol Abuse

May 27, 2008

The state of Oklahoma has a vast array of treatment resources to tackle its alcoholism and substance abuse problem. Treatment in Oklahoma for these problems does not simply mean outpatient treatment methods or rehabs. Read more

Deciding between Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Program in Mississippi for Drug Abuse

May 26, 2008

Drug abuse mostly deserves an inpatient treatment program, but there are times when a person would want to consider an outpatient program if it is available. Read more

Prescription Drug Abuse in Massachusetts – A Significant Part of the Substance Abuse Problem in the State

May 19, 2008

Massachusetts already has its problems with the usual suspects such as cocaine, heroin and marijuana and most recently methamphetamine and crystal meth, just like other states of the union, but what is also adding to this problem is the vast usage of prescription drugs in recent times. Read more

Measures used by the Authorities to curb Alcohol Abuse and Drug Abuse in Texas

May 18, 2008


The government of Texas has implemented various disciplinary measures to ensure that the problem of drug and alcohol abuse does not become any more serious than it already is. These methods are employed at various levels and are targeted to people across the age groups.

Read more

What Kinds of Programs do Alcohol Intervention or Drug Intervention Programs in Wyoming

May 12, 2008


Wyoming’s substance abuse problem is largely controlled because of the assiduous efforts of the various groups working in this sphere. Quite notable is the contribution of the alcohol and drug intervention in Wyoming, because these groups are the ones that are actually shepherding addicts to their right modes of treatment.

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Substance Abuse Resources-Drug Rehab in Illinois

May 6, 2008


Illinois has a huge population – it has over 13 million people living in it. So it isn’t surprising that this state requires several treatment options for problems of drug and alcohol abuse.

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