Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program for Substance Abuse in Kansas

June 12, 2008

Of late, the dual diagnosis treatment program in Kansas is becoming quite popular in the field of addiction treatment. Dual diagnosis is a treatment method that employs treatment for two problems at once. Read more

Substance Abuse and Alcohol Abuse in Rhode Island is Big even if the State is Small!

June 1, 2008

Let the small size of Rhode Island not fool you into thinking that this state will not have that much of a problem with alcoholism and substance abuse. Read more

Prescription Drug Abuse in Massachusetts – A Significant Part of the Substance Abuse Problem in the State

May 19, 2008

Massachusetts already has its problems with the usual suspects such as cocaine, heroin and marijuana and most recently methamphetamine and crystal meth, just like other states of the union, but what is also adding to this problem is the vast usage of prescription drugs in recent times. Read more

Substance Abuse Resources-Drug Rehab in Illinois

May 6, 2008


Illinois has a huge population – it has over 13 million people living in it. So it isn’t surprising that this state requires several treatment options for problems of drug and alcohol abuse.

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Substance Absue Treatment-It can Save Drug Abusers from a Life of Crime

May 2, 2008


We hear so much about drug addicts becoming criminals and criminals being drug addicts that two terms seem to be mostly synonymous. What is it with substance abuse that makes people to resort to a life of crime?

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Substance Abuse and Drug Detox Program

April 20, 2008


When you are dealing with a substance abuse issue, it is important to find a treatment center that offers a drug detox program. These centers are very useful and studies have proven that combined centers offer addicts a much better chance at completely kicking their habits.

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Treating Yourself for Substance Abuse

April 19, 2008


Addiction is a disease that effects a person’s mind and emotion and leads them to believe that they are in control of their life. Most addicts quit multiple times and have several attempts at recovery on their own before and are often lead to treatment after their drug addiction has resulted in serious consequences.

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Teen Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

April 18, 2008


Young adults or teens that have substance abuse issue have unique issues that are generally different than that of an adult. Often teens who are addicted to drugs or alcohol require a different style of treatment program than most adults.

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How Substance Abuse Affects your Friends

April 15, 2008


Substance abuse is a problem that can do one of two things; it can be hidden from friends, or it can be obvious. Either way, friends will notice that something isn’t quite right.

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Recognizing Dual Diagnosis in Treatment

March 27, 2008


People who have a dual diagnosis of drug or alcohol addiction along with a mental illness often have trouble finding the correct help. Many times, these individuals go to an addiction treatment program and don’t realize the mental illness aspect of their problems.

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