Hospital-Based Treatment Programs


When most people think of addiction treatment, they think of a free-standing rehab facility, outpatient treatment, or perhaps a support group like Alcoholics Anonymous. Hospital-based treatment programs are another option that can be the best choice for some people with multiple conditions. Just as the name suggests, these programs are offered in a unit of a general hospital.

The best candidates for hospital-based addiction treatment are people who have multiple problems that need to be dealt with. This generally means having a significant medical or psychological condition, in addition to alcohol or drug addiction. A hospital will have the experts on staff that an individual needs to be treated for a dual diagnosis or other medical issue. They will have the resources to handle almost any situation that arises. The services at rehab facilities are not always so comprehensive.

The goal of hospital-based treatment programs is to treat the medical or psychological problems, along with detox for alcoholism or drug addiction. The individual is typically released when medical issues have been resolved and the other conditions are stable. An average stay is less than two weeks. However, this doesn’t include a complete addiction treatment program. It’s essential to continue getting help for the alcoholism or drug addiction by immediately going to a free-standing rehab center. The hospital should be able to refer patients to recommended facilities for long-term care. Further counseling, support, education, and other services are necessary for a successful recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction.

It seems that a private insurance plan would be more likely to cover addiction treatment in a hospital, but that is not always the case. Individuals should check with their medical insurance company to be sure they’re covered before seeking drug and alcohol addiction treatment in a hospital, unless it is an emergency situation.