The Seriousness of Meth Addiction


Crystal meth was once thought to be a drug that was not as widespread as other substances. However, throughout the past several years’ crystal meth has pushed its way into the lives of millions of people. Crystal meth addiction is one of the most serious drug addictions within our society, because of its highly addictive nature and its ability to transform the minds of its users.

Methamphetamine releases a high level of dopamine, which in turn enhances the user’s mood and body sensations. The over-stimulated brain cells react very unusually to this increase in dopamine, and thus actually modify its functions. Crystal meth addiction is caused by the brains response to cut back the re-growth of their nerve endings. This causes the effects of crystal meth to be quickly diluted, which causes the users to increase their usage due to their bodies’ tolerance build-up.

Crystal meth addiction cannot be solved by itself, and thus addicts who are suffering from a crystal meth addiction must undergo drug abuse treatment. Because of crystal meth’s ability to alter the brain functionality of its user, coming off of crystal meth can be an extremely difficult task. Crystal meth also alters the users’ ability to control his or her surroundings. This causes the crystal meth addict to become delusional, and sometimes violent.

Within a drug abuse treatment program, those who have a crystal meth addiction are able to withdrawal from crystal meth within a safe and encouraging environment. It is very important that if an individual is suffering from a crystal meth addiction, they find help as soon as possible. It is quite easy to overdose of crystal meth because users feel they have to ingest a much larger quantity of the drug to feel its effects. A crystal meth overdose can cause a users body temperature to elevate, which can lead to fatal consequences.