From Crystal Meth Abuse

Why are so many Resources being spent on Methamphetamine and Crystal Meth Addiction in Maryland?


Maryland is one of the states that has a rising methamphetamine and crystal meth problem that shows no signs of subsiding soon. This problem is sapping the young generation of the state and each year there are more youth seeking admissions in the centers for meth rehab in Maryland than the previous year.

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The Seriousness of Meth Addiction


Crystal meth was once thought to be a drug that was not as widespread as other substances. However, throughout the past several years’ crystal meth has pushed its way into the lives of millions of people. Crystal meth addiction is one of the most serious drug addictions within our society, because of its highly addictive nature and its ability to transform the minds of its users. Read more

How To Be Saved From That Crave

In the old Buddhist perspective, ignorance is a necessary condition of craving and craving is a necessary condition of suffering. In short, this philosophy teaches us that we can avoid craving from being aware or knowledgeable because ignorance leads to craving that eventually leads to suffering. Read more