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Some Information On The Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program For Drug Addiction In North Carolina

The dual diagnosis treatment program in North Carolina has become quite popular for people who are suffering from two or more coexisting problems. In recent times, this program has become very widely used for people who are suffering from a drug addiction and a mental illness. Mental illnesses and addictions go hand in hand. Depression is one such instance. A person suffering from bouts of depression may take an amphetamine drug in order to reduce the effects of the condition.
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What happens after a Rehab Program for Drug Addiction Treatment in Tennessee?

Contrary to what most people think, there is no definite end to the rehabilitation program in Tennessee. Rehabilitation is an ongoing process, especially when the condition is of drug addiction, for the reason that once a person is into an addiction, there is always the chance of the person falling back into the addiction, even if a detox has been done. Statistics on detox treatment in Tennessee have proved that more than 90% of the people who have a mere detox program without any kind of aftercare treatment will have a relapse in six months following the treatment. Read more

How to go about Seeking Insurance Coverage for Drug Abuse or Alcohol Abuse Treatment in Missouri

Though substance abuse and addiction treatment is extremely expensive, there are options to help you with the financing aspect. Consider this: a single admission for heroin rehab in Missouri can cost anywhere between $6,000 and $10,000 depending on the kind of program you have taken. Read more

Residential Treatment Programs for Drug Addiction and Alcohol Addiction in Louisiana


Louisiana has a surfeit of state-run residential treatment programs for tackling all kinds of addiction and several other problems that can be termed as psychosocial issues. These residential treatment programs are run on a 24/7 basis and they are easily available through the website of the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals.

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