Marijuana Leads to Severe Substance Abuse

March 30, 2008


Marijuana abuse is one of the most widespread problems in the United States. Marijuana is illegal in most states, except for medical use due to itsĀ  function as a narcotic. Marijuana abuse can cause people to become forgetful, unambitious and can cost a lot of money.

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Success Rates for Addiction Treatment are Good

March 29, 2008

There was an interesting study published in Dispelling the Myths about Addiction: Strategies to Increase Understanding and Strengthen Research, which discovered that the success of drug and alcohol rehabilitation is that same as the success rates of other serious health conditions.

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How To Be Saved From That Crave

March 3, 2008

In the old Buddhist perspective, ignorance is a necessary condition of craving and craving is a necessary condition of suffering. In short, this philosophy teaches us that we can avoid craving from being aware or knowledgeable because ignorance leads to craving that eventually leads to suffering. Read more