Help Save a Life With an Intervention

March 31, 2008

Successful drug and alcohol interventions save lives. It is perhaps one of the most useful things that family and friends can do for a loved one who suffers from addiction.

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Marijuana Leads to Severe Substance Abuse

March 30, 2008


Marijuana abuse is one of the most widespread problems in the United States. Marijuana is illegal in most states, except for medical use due to its  function as a narcotic. Marijuana abuse can cause people to become forgetful, unambitious and can cost a lot of money.

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Success Rates for Addiction Treatment are Good

March 29, 2008

There was an interesting study published in Dispelling the Myths about Addiction: Strategies to Increase Understanding and Strengthen Research, which discovered that the success of drug and alcohol rehabilitation is that same as the success rates of other serious health conditions.

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Take the First Steps To Get Crystal Meth Treatment

March 28, 2008


You can’t get the treatment that you need and deserve for a crystal meth addiction without taking the first steps to seek it out. This may sound like an obvious statement, but people often forget that they have to do something to help themselves before anyone else can begin to help them.

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Drug Addiction Resources

March 27, 2008

Drug addiction should be looked at as your opponent. That word, opponent, will help you keep drug addiction in perspective. As your opponent it has always been against you.

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Recognizing Dual Diagnosis in Treatment

March 27, 2008


People who have a dual diagnosis of drug or alcohol addiction along with a mental illness often have trouble finding the correct help. Many times, these individuals go to an addiction treatment program and don’t realize the mental illness aspect of their problems.

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Making Alcohol and Drug Detox more Comfortable

March 25, 2008


Drug and alcohol detox can make an individual very sick and cause a lot of physical discomfort. Symptoms that are experienced during detox are related to which substances the individual has an addiction to. The severity of the symptoms can range from mild to life-threatening, partially depending on how much the individual used at a time and how long the addiction lasted. Drug and alcohol detox should always be performed under medical supervision due to the serious health risks of immediately stopping use.

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Drug Rehabilitation is a Test of Strength

March 24, 2008


For some reason many people think that rehab is an easy process to go through.  The only thing worse than a drug addict thinking that drug rehabilitation programs are easy, is the fact that certain drug rehab treatment facilities promote that their programs will be easy for drug abusers to go through and that afterwards they can guarantee the addict that he or she will leave and continue to stay sober.  Read more

New Medication for OxyContin and Heroin Addiction

March 23, 2008


The prescription painkiller OxyContin and the street drug heroin both belong to a class of drugs called opioids. OxyContin is a medication that is used to treat pain for a variety of legitimate medical conditions, but it can have severe consequences when it’s abused. These substances create a strong physical and psychological addiction in the user that is extremely difficult to recover from. Read more

Drug Addiction is a Difficult Opponent

March 22, 2008


Drug addiction is a difficult opponent. That is the right word, opponent. It has been working against you from the beginning. Before it ever showed enough of itself for you to fight against it, it probably did you plenty of harm. Chances are your decision to fight your drug addiction is a recent one. As you discover how difficult that fight will be, do not feel you have to do it alone. We are here to provide you the best substance abuse recovery facility. Read more

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